Risk Warning

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Risk Warning: Trading on margin in the Forex and CFD markets carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may get back less than you have invested. Past performance is not a guarantee for future results. You should consider whether you understand how trading works and whether you can afford to lose your money.

Dexly does not manage investors funds and does not guarantee income. The project offers only a service that allows you to perform conversion operations using crypto currency and forex tools with the help of customized software.

Digital currency (crypto currency), unlike most currencies supported by governments or commodities, is supported by technology and mathematics in an autonomous and unregulated network of nodes and miners. With this in mind, digital currency cannot be considered a currency in the traditional sense. Trade in digital currency carries its own risks because of the highly variable nature of the system. Market confidence can fall due to technical problems, software or hardware hacking of large Bitcoin facilities, unexpected changes in the code underlying the cryptographic currency network, government actions, competing alternative currencies, and other risks.

The project offers any interested trader (except for some countries specified in the agreement) free software that allows performing conversion operations with CFD contracts for various financial instruments.

All calculations are possible only in crypto currencies. Conversion transactions with instruments are performed using leverage without direct delivery of the underlying asset. Such transactions are called over-the-counter CFDs.